Monday, October 22, 2012

David Rutten Honored with ACADIA 2012 Award


David Rutten, the developer of Grasshopper, has won an Innovative Research Award from Acadia.
The award recognizes innovative research in the field of digital design in architecture. Acadia elaborated on David's impact, "Grasshopper has been pivotal to the transformation of parametric design practices over the past five-plus years."
"He has made parametric design and system optimization easily accessible, and usable, to thousands of academics and practitioners. Mr. Rutten is known among his peers for being remarkably generous with his time. He provides continuous assistance to Grasshopper users through his tireless involvement on the Grasshopper blog and has remained actively supportive of the Acadia community for many years."
David couldn't be at the Acadia conference last week to accept his award, but recorded this self-revealing video for the conference.

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