Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flamingo nXt

Flamingo nXt is a huge leap from Flamingo 2, many cumbersome setup simplified, user controlled rendering either by time or number of passes, straight forward material creation and more. We don't think you will find Flamingo nXt unattractive but it is very difficult not to enjoy using Flamingo nXt. Someone used to squirm at rendering process is enjoying it more than ever, with Flamingo nXt. That person has created 3 new materials from scratch under less than 1 minute before even learning thru Flamingo nXt tutorial.

Flamingo nXt is still under in development. You are invited to give it a try. Details on Flamingo nXt new features listed here.

The latest build includes material libraries(basic material set, fabrics & leather material set, metal material set), embedded or linked textures, a 64-bit build for Rhino 5.0 WIP and basic tutorials, not forget to mention about a basic tutorial for standard jewelry rendering.

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